Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springtime Gardening!

This morning we spent some time trying to get our garden in shape! It's tomato-planting season, and we actually managed to keep the sweet little tomatoes we started from seed alive, so in the ground they went! (Remember when we planted them and when they started to grow?) Here's my Big Boy Helper giving them a little drink:

I put some marigolds in with our tomatoes, and our gnome friend is standing guard.

The tomatoes are looking small, parched and sad already. They miss being inside our house. I sure hope they survive out there! (Ssssh... if they think it's bad now, please don't tell them what's in store for them come June...) I also got this little end bed ready to plant something - I can't decide what. In the past I've planted sedum - hens & chicks and such - but I'm thinking about small herbs this year, like some creeping thyme? It's a really small bed, though, so there's not room for much. Any suggestions? :-)

I already have some herbs throughout the yard, but I figure you can never have too many herbs, right? Here's a few... first my lavender bush, which has gotten quite large over the years!

Hello, oregano!

You're looking mighty perky, mint!

Good showing, chives!

Daddy also added some new sand to the sandbox, which made Carter quite happy.

Carter found a bug which he had to show me. Then he set him outside his sandbox and said "Go back to your home safely Mr. Sand Roly Poly, have a good day."

While I have you here visiting, I have to show you my honeysuckle coral vine, which is just about to bloom.

And my hydrangea - he always looks so happy and full of vigor at this time of year, but he's yet to make a flower for me. Which I'm sure is mostly due to the neglect I show him.

Ok, perhaps I should post this and try to Google "how to make hydrangea bloom in Texas" - maybe this will be his year!!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Lisa said...

Those are some awesome pics. Libby! Great job with the photography.....and with raising the lil' ones!

Such a nice day today to be outside!

leslie said...

Looks like a lovely day! I'm jealous of your sapce, and SUN!