Monday, March 22, 2010

My future cyclists!

For Christmas this year, Santa brought Carter a new big boy bicycle! Sadly though, Carter was not too thrilled about it. I think he was a bit ticked off at Santa on Christmas morning, to be honest. There was no mention of a bike anywhere on his list. Mommy was really worried that she didn't do a good job making sure Santa saw his list, and that future Christmases may not be so magical for Carter anymore. But... he finally showed some interest in the bike, and yesterday he wanted to ride it outside for the first time! Yay!! He did so well on it too!! Here's some photos...

Daddy helped Carter get comfortable on the bike and used to peddling...

See that grin?! (but Carter, you better watch where you're going!)

In no time he didn't need Daddy to hold on anymore! (the training wheels help...)

Wait, who's that we see in the distance...?

Oh it's Courtney!! She got a "new" tricyle for Christmas too - Carter's hand-me-down. This was her first time out riding too. She concentrated on those peddles really hard - but she still needs a bit more practice.

Here's my two little bikers, proud of their bike-riding accomplishments!

Oh and if you're wondering - yes - they are in their jammies. What of it? :-)
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Lisa - papergrace said...

Awww!! How cute are they? :D I haven't ridden a bike in so long I might need those "extra wheels" too! Eeep! :/

Tiff said...

Seriously, your kids are spitting images of you and your husband! SO CUTE!

Laura E. said...

I'm so proud of both of them! Too cute! I'm glad Carter finally like his bike. And I think the jammies and crocs totally work for cycling outfits!