Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was a wonderful year of kids growing older and memories being made. As we enter the new year I thought I'd take a moment and reflect on a few of the things that the previous year has meant to us...

An Inauguration celebrated in icing.A baby girl turning one.First steps.First attempts at art.A lot of mommy's time spent here.A celebrity (chef) encounter!A brother and sister having fun times together, sometimes.And other times, not so much.Springtime traditions.A family vacation to California.Spending time with family in Michigan.The loss of a friend.A boy with a blankie.And a girl with her bunny.A day out with a favorite engine...And a costume to match.Meeting a sweet new baby cousin.Indoctrination.Happy Christmas memories.And a big boy turning four.Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you many treasured memories of your own!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Carter's 4th Birthday!

Carter turned four today! FOUR!! Can you believe it? I can't. It seems like just yesterday he came into our world. And yes, I probably will say that exact same thing on his birthday for the rest of his life. So you better get used to it! :-) For the big four year celebration today, we decided to do a small party at Chuck E. Cheese's with family and friends. Carter and Courtney both had a complete BLAST, they LOVED it!! Here are some photos...

When we first arrived it was playtime. Carter had sooooo much fun playing air hockey with his buddy Adrian!Courtney really had fun with the games too - here she's bonking some sharks, with Daddy's help.Next it was time for dinner - pizza, of course! Here's the party crew - Carter was joined (counterclockwise) by his friend Rachel (whose 4th birthday was the day before!), sister Courtney (you can only see the top of her head), Zoe, Derek (Rachel's little brother) and Adrian.Carter was very happy that Grammy & Papa were visiting from Michigan and got to be with him for his birthday!And here's a gratuitous adorable baby shot! Have I mentioned how incredibly adorable Carter and Courtney's baby cousin Morgan is??Next the mouse himself, Chuck E. Cheese, made an appearance! He led the singing of Happy Birthday...And Carter blew out the candles on his Cars cake!Next the part Carter looked forward to most - eating the cake!!Ok, opening presents was pretty great too.Courtney was soooo excited about Chuck E. Cheese, she even ran over and hugged his legs, all on her own!All in all, a super fun birthday party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER!