Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun at the Science Museum

Yesterday we went on a little outing to the Tellus Science Museum. It's right off of I-75 in a town about 50 minutes north of us called Cartersville. Yup, Carter was super excited to go to Cartersville! And the museum was fantastic! I love the Fernbank in Atlanta, but this was even better!

In the lobby we had fun watching the Foucault pendulum. Would it knock over any blocks?? We were on the edges of our seats (if we had seats)...

The first thing you see as you enter the main hall is a ginormous Apatosaurus skeleton. So cool! I love this photo of Carter looking up at the head!

In the fossil gallery we also found a big and scary T-Rex!! Named Stan. HA!

A great area for younger kids was the "Big Backyard" - lots of interesting hands-on science stuff, including this fun magnet exhibit...

There was a large exhibit about Science in Motion - lots of cool cars, airplanes, rockets, etc. Loved seeing Carter the astronaut!

Courtney's favorite things were the fossil dig...

And panning for gems!

Their geeky mom loved this awesome periodic table display!

Another highlight was the kids' very first planetarium visit! Super duper cool.

Tonight before bed Courtney asked if we could go to "the museum in Cartersville with the gems" again tomorrow. Sorry sweetie, not tomorrow, but maybe another time soon!

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