Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review - January 30, 2011

Daddy was in Atlanta this past week, but we still had some fun!

The biggest highlight from our week - MUCH NEEDED haircuts! First my little jinglebug...

And then big brother too...

Monday was Uncle Jon's birthday so we made him some cupcakes...

Tuesday was veggie pickup day - here Carter poses with them as if he likes them and he'll actually EAT them, but HA!!, not so much...

Speaking of eating, Super Princess went looking for a little something in the fridge...

One of Carter's favorite things as of late is playing cards. We play a game that's similar to Spades. Carter likes keeping score, which is good practice writing his numbers. One afternoon I wasn't able to play, so he got a game going with Cheetah. Much to my surprise, Cheetah won!

Courtney begged me to let her wear her hair to ballet class this week...

On the way home from ballet, Carter snapped this super cute photo of Courtney!

It was his only good one out of about 180 tries. Most looked more like this...

Speaking of photos, Carter also helped me get my piggie photo for the Hambo announcement this week. He wanted a piggie photo too...

Carter had a homework assignment this week to create a bar graph. We decided to collect data on "favorite fruits". Along with calling some family members, I also posed the question on Facebook, so we ended up with quite a bit of data to chart! We were surprised to see that strawberries were by far the favorite fruit, and nobody loved pears the most. Poor unloved pears!

By the end of the week the weather was fantastic and the kids enjoyed a lot of time playing outside.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week in Review - January 23, 2011

It's been another interesting week for the Hickson clan! I'm going to start off showing a couple things Carter and I did last Saturday. First, we put together a birdhouse! I held the nails as Carter pounded them in - can you believe he didn't hit my fingers at all? And can you believe I even took the chance? LOL! Here's Carter working hard at painting the finished birdhouse...

Carter and I also did a little "mad science" kit we picked up at the Children's Museum. We made a bouncy ball! Carter got to pour the different color bits into a round mold, which we then placed in water. My silly boy doesn't pose nice for the camera all the time...

And here's another silly face with the finished ball!

We had hoped to go see Tangled on Saturday but the timing didn't work out. To help appease two disappointed kids, I decided we could have a "princess picnic dinner" at the coffee table while watching Cinderella. This went over REALLY well. :-)

Although everyone seemed happy on Saturday, it all took a turn for the worse Saturday night. The kids both had fevers and complained of sore throats and tummy aches, so I decided to take them to the after hours clinic on Sunday for strep tests. The poor sweeties zonked out almost as soon as the car started moving...

This is what their ragged mom looks like after a sleepless night with sick kids. Ravishing, isn't she? Ack! (I have no idea why I'm showing you this, LOL!)

Whatever they had, it wasn't strep and after another sick day on Monday they were feeling better. Well, sort of. Courtney was still a grumpypants, no doubt partially because she wasn't feeling 100% and also because she was missing her Daddy, who was on a business trip to Korea. Here she was throwing a MAJOR tantrum on the floor - a big part of our week. Sorry for the rotten photo, I took it with my phone.

Eventually everyone was feeling well enough to finally go see Tangled. The kids loved it, and even dressed up for the occasion...

Carter's favorite show these days is the old 1960s Batman series. He also loves acting out the fight scenes, beating up the pillows. In his undies. :-)

The kids were so happy when Daddy got home from Korea!

Last night Daddy took Carter to his first professional (minor league) hockey game! His favorite part was when they scored (go figure!).

And Mommy enjoyed a pretty Texas sunset.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week in Review - January 16, 2011

Today I'm sharing my summary of our second week of 2011. I meant to have this posted earlier in the day, but it hasn't been a good 24hrs in the Hickson household. Both of my kids came down with fevers, tummy aches, sore throats and general unhappiness overnight. I took them to the after hours clinic today and I'm still waiting to hear for sure whether they have strep throat or not, but my bet is they do. The doctor thought it was probably a fun mix of strep plus flu! Oh joy! My poor sweeties.

Despite the last 24hrs, we did have a rather fun week...

Courtney started her dance classes back up - this time with an actual dance studio that holds classes in our neighborhood, rather than Kinderdance. So far she's loving it, and I'm excited that she'll get to be in a real recital at the end of the semester at Ballet Austin!

As you may have heard, I made homemade pop tarts this week...

Carter spends most of his time these days playing with his superheroes, especially the new Batcave that Santa brought him...

My sweet girl asleep on the couch... (she is nearly always in either a tutu or a princess dress!)

I rejoined a wonderful CSA and this is what came in my first box of locally grown organic veggie goodness. Yum!

Carter got an ant farm for his birthday and the batch of mail order harvester ants arrived this week. He was soooo excited!

He even decided to make a scrapbook about ants... (His first scrapbook! Mama is proud...)

Courtney watched one of her favorite movies. Again.

Remember I mentioned the superhero obsession. This was dinner attire on Friday.

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Austin Children's Museum. It was mega crowded but the kids had a blast. Here they are tinkering in the Tinkerer's Lab.

And finally, life gave us lemons... I'm thinking about making lemonade!

(Ok that was actually a care package from my in-laws tree in Arizona!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week in Review - January 9, 2011

This year I'm going to attempt, once again (!), to keep this blog somewhat updated! One plan is every Sunday I'll do a summary post, of things we did during the week. Then I may do some other posts for things that had lots of photos I feel the need to share. :-)

For this first post, I'm cheating slightly and dipping back into the tail end of 2010, just because we did a couple fun things before the year came to a close! First up, bowling with Grammy & Papa!

Courtney had fun pushing the ball down the ramp - and she was quite the fashion queen of the bowling alley!

During the day on New Year's Eve, we went on a little adventure down to San Marcos, TX and visited Aquarena Springs in one of their glass-bottom boats!

This is a photo of the springs bubbling up on the bottom of the lake.

I had to include this one - a rare one of ME, who's usually the one taking the photos rather than appearing in them...

We spent New Year's Eve at my house, playing games and eating top-your-own pizzas. Good times!

A favorite activity around here since Christmas (when Santa brought Daddy a new GPS!) has been geocaching. Daddy and Carter have found tons of "treasures" already. Carter is quite good at spotting the caches!

Here's a fun day at a park - happy kids!

Some of you know how I feel about cycling - of course I had to make the family pose on this one!

And finally, a trip to Sea World with Grammy, Papa, Aunt Laura, Uncle Brad and Morgan before the grandparents had to head back to Michigan.

The kids loved the Sesame Street show! They got to go right up to the stage and shake hands with several characters, including Ernie!

Courtney found her good friend Zoe painted on a fence & had to pose for a photo...

And finally, a tired family after a fun day at Sea World!

So that's it for my first summary post! Fingers crossed this will be a Sunday tradition this year. And more importantly, that I remember to TAKE photos during the week!!