Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week in Review - January 16, 2011

Today I'm sharing my summary of our second week of 2011. I meant to have this posted earlier in the day, but it hasn't been a good 24hrs in the Hickson household. Both of my kids came down with fevers, tummy aches, sore throats and general unhappiness overnight. I took them to the after hours clinic today and I'm still waiting to hear for sure whether they have strep throat or not, but my bet is they do. The doctor thought it was probably a fun mix of strep plus flu! Oh joy! My poor sweeties.

Despite the last 24hrs, we did have a rather fun week...

Courtney started her dance classes back up - this time with an actual dance studio that holds classes in our neighborhood, rather than Kinderdance. So far she's loving it, and I'm excited that she'll get to be in a real recital at the end of the semester at Ballet Austin!

As you may have heard, I made homemade pop tarts this week...

Carter spends most of his time these days playing with his superheroes, especially the new Batcave that Santa brought him...

My sweet girl asleep on the couch... (she is nearly always in either a tutu or a princess dress!)

I rejoined a wonderful CSA and this is what came in my first box of locally grown organic veggie goodness. Yum!

Carter got an ant farm for his birthday and the batch of mail order harvester ants arrived this week. He was soooo excited!

He even decided to make a scrapbook about ants... (His first scrapbook! Mama is proud...)

Courtney watched one of her favorite movies. Again.

Remember I mentioned the superhero obsession. This was dinner attire on Friday.

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Austin Children's Museum. It was mega crowded but the kids had a blast. Here they are tinkering in the Tinkerer's Lab.

And finally, life gave us lemons... I'm thinking about making lemonade!

(Ok that was actually a care package from my in-laws tree in Arizona!)

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