Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week in Review - January 23, 2011

It's been another interesting week for the Hickson clan! I'm going to start off showing a couple things Carter and I did last Saturday. First, we put together a birdhouse! I held the nails as Carter pounded them in - can you believe he didn't hit my fingers at all? And can you believe I even took the chance? LOL! Here's Carter working hard at painting the finished birdhouse...

Carter and I also did a little "mad science" kit we picked up at the Children's Museum. We made a bouncy ball! Carter got to pour the different color bits into a round mold, which we then placed in water. My silly boy doesn't pose nice for the camera all the time...

And here's another silly face with the finished ball!

We had hoped to go see Tangled on Saturday but the timing didn't work out. To help appease two disappointed kids, I decided we could have a "princess picnic dinner" at the coffee table while watching Cinderella. This went over REALLY well. :-)

Although everyone seemed happy on Saturday, it all took a turn for the worse Saturday night. The kids both had fevers and complained of sore throats and tummy aches, so I decided to take them to the after hours clinic on Sunday for strep tests. The poor sweeties zonked out almost as soon as the car started moving...

This is what their ragged mom looks like after a sleepless night with sick kids. Ravishing, isn't she? Ack! (I have no idea why I'm showing you this, LOL!)

Whatever they had, it wasn't strep and after another sick day on Monday they were feeling better. Well, sort of. Courtney was still a grumpypants, no doubt partially because she wasn't feeling 100% and also because she was missing her Daddy, who was on a business trip to Korea. Here she was throwing a MAJOR tantrum on the floor - a big part of our week. Sorry for the rotten photo, I took it with my phone.

Eventually everyone was feeling well enough to finally go see Tangled. The kids loved it, and even dressed up for the occasion...

Carter's favorite show these days is the old 1960s Batman series. He also loves acting out the fight scenes, beating up the pillows. In his undies. :-)

The kids were so happy when Daddy got home from Korea!

Last night Daddy took Carter to his first professional (minor league) hockey game! His favorite part was when they scored (go figure!).

And Mommy enjoyed a pretty Texas sunset.

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