Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week in Review - March 27, 2011

I don't have a whole lot to say about this past week. Let's see... Carter started his first baseball skills class in the neighborhood. I thought Great Grandpa Harmon would like that Carter is playing baseball now!

My sister Laura and I went to see Rick Springfield live at the rodeo. We had never watched a concert in a venue quite like this before (we had to watch calf ropin', barrel racin' and bull ridin' before the show!), but it was really cool. Grandma Doris - my MIL - the world's biggest General Hospital fan - is visiting right now and was rather jealous that I got to go see Dr. Noah Drake and she had to stay at home. If only I had known she'd be here back when we bought the tickets!

Carter also had his first soccer game with his new team, North Mexico. Colors are green and red. Go Carter!

And that's all I took photos of (and none very good!) because I was up to my eyeballs this week with this...!

We are about a week away from getting our house in the market. Next Saturday is the garage sale when hopefully a bunch of this will be sold, and what isn't will end up at Goodwill. Believe it or not, this horrible garage is actually in a state of organized chaos... there is a method to my madness... :-)

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Week in Review - March 20, 2011

We've had another fun week here in Texas! First of all, it was spring break for the kids from preschool. Daddy decided to take a couple days off from work, and we went on a little mini overnight adventure to San Antonio! There's lots more photos here if you'd like to check them out, but here's one of the highlights - a visit to a cave! Fun!

We went to a restaurant for dinner that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network. Joel had this bison burger and sweet potato fries - does it look Guy Fieri-worthy? :-)

We sat outside at the restaurant and the weather was wonderful - here's me and my sweet girl waiting for the food to arrive.

We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day this week with a fish & chip dinner, Guinness (for the adults!) and some shamrock-shaped cookies. As is the case for most holidays, I printed off some coloring pages for the kids... :-)

Courtney wore this funky green ensemble from Grandma, who's visiting from Arizona with Grandpa, too!

I've been pulling out a lot of the kids' baby things and putting them for sale on craigslist. I had Courtney's crib bedding laid out on the bed for a photo, and Courtney came in and decided she needed to snuggle in it one last time.

Courtney's becoming such a big girl, she decided she wanted to go for a spin on Carter's big boy bike. Guess we need to get her a big girl bike now!!

Daddy and the kids went on a picnic at the park with Grandma & Grandpa, while I stayed home and did more cleaning & purging & craigslisting. Carter found a good climbing tree at the park!

And finally, the most exciting thing this week happened just tonight - Carter lost his first tooth!!! Sigh, my baby is getting so big. There's more photos here, but this is his new toothless grin. :-)

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The Tooth Fairy is coming!!

He have some exciting news to share!! Carter lost his first tooth!!! It had been loose for quite a while, but tonight it was so loose Carter could push it way forward with his other teeth...

He decided it would be alright for Daddy to help get it out. I couldn't watch, but came in right after and found Carter inspecting his tooth, now in his hand!

Carter said "is this really happening?" - LOL!

Still bleeding a little so Daddy got out a washcloth to help it.

My boy with his new toothless grin!

Carter was a bit nervous about losing his first one, but now that he knows it's not so bad, the next ones will be a piece of cake!

Spring Break - San Antonio!

This week was spring break for the kids from preschool, so we decided to go on a little mini overnight adventure to the San Antonio area, just for fun.

We started off with a stop at Natural Bridge Caverns. This photo kind of sums up how they were feeling about it - Carter was excited to go into a REAL bat cave, but Courtney was a wee bit apprehensive!

The trek down deep below the ground, past beautiful formations...

Our little cave explorer!

We walked around the grounds a little - it was a nice day!

They had a little area where you could go "mining" for gems - fun!

Courtney giving her loot to daddy...

They also had some dinosaurs to climb on!

My sweeties.

For dinner we went to a place called The Cove downtown. It's been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network! I had no idea - Joel picked it mostly because it also had a playscape for the kids to be entertained! Here's me and my sweet girl, sitting outside on a gorgeous spring evening.

Does this food look Guy Fieri-worthy? :-) This was Joel's dinner - a bison burger and sweet potato fries!

The next morning we went to the Botanical Gardens, where Carter took a birdwatching class!

Here's my boy outfitted with some binoculars, all ready to identify some birds!

Courtney got bored quickly in the birding class (and honestly, Carter did too - but he stuck it out!). Instead Courtney wandered around the gardens, especially loving the displays they had set up for Easter & spring...

My sweet garden girl!

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Week in Review - March 13, 2011

The 10th week of 2011 started out on a very happy note when I saw my favorite sign that spring is here - a sweet little lone bluebonnet. Sigh. Oh how I love bluebonnets!

Mardi Gras was this week and the kids got crafty. You can read all about it here - and here's a photo of Courtney creating her Mardi Gras mask.

I explained to the kids about Mardi Gras being the party before Lent, and how some people give up things during Lent. Carter decided he would give up chocolate milk, and Courtney declared she was giving up Chuck E Cheese's. Like we go there a lot. LOL!

Carter had his first soccer practice with his new team - North Mexico! He's so excited to be on a team with his friend Rachel this spring!

We did our biweekly trip to the library, where Courtney was thrilled to find her favorite book available for checkout.

Carter was equally excited to find they have superhero books at the library!

Carter loves working on cards with me in my stamp cave. I have a desk in there just for him.

I took the kids to a free demo Music Together class. They thought the class was alright, but by far their favorite part was getting to "wash" the windows afterward!

Here's my sweet and silly girl when we went out to dinner at Rudino's.

And finally, on Sunday we went to a birthday party at the Children's Museum for one of Courtney's classmates. A private party - we had the entire museum to ourselves! Very cool! Courtney loved taking care of the animals in the "vet clinic".

And Carter enjoyed the exhibits they had set up that were all about motion (aka physics!). This big rollercoaster was his favorite, he got to drop balls from the top and watch them go.

We had a special treat when we came out of the museum - a little parade of marching bands going by! I still don't know what the parade was for, but it was funky and very Austin. A bunch of supertalented ragamuffin musicians. Good times!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011!

On March 8 we did a little celebrating in our house - Mardi Gras! I searched the internet for ideas, and here's what we came up with...

First the kids colored some coloring pages of kings and people in fun masks.

Then they made their own masks! I used small paper plates - cut out the centers to see through - then stapled them together. Popsicle sticks were attached for holding up the masks. I tried to show them how this sort of mask has just one stick, but they both insisted on having two. :-) First they painted their masks...

Then they attached all sorts of feathers, pompoms and glitter!

I should have taken a photo of them holding up their finished masks, standing in front of the wall we decorated with their coloring pages, but alas, I did not.

We rounded out the afternoon with the baking of "king cakes" - but I was too lazy to make REAL king cake so instead we did some cupcake decorating. Here's Courtney with her super sugary creations!

Laissez le bon temps rouler! Or as us non-Cajuns would say, let the good times roll! :-)