Monday, March 21, 2011

Week in Review - March 20, 2011

We've had another fun week here in Texas! First of all, it was spring break for the kids from preschool. Daddy decided to take a couple days off from work, and we went on a little mini overnight adventure to San Antonio! There's lots more photos here if you'd like to check them out, but here's one of the highlights - a visit to a cave! Fun!

We went to a restaurant for dinner that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network. Joel had this bison burger and sweet potato fries - does it look Guy Fieri-worthy? :-)

We sat outside at the restaurant and the weather was wonderful - here's me and my sweet girl waiting for the food to arrive.

We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day this week with a fish & chip dinner, Guinness (for the adults!) and some shamrock-shaped cookies. As is the case for most holidays, I printed off some coloring pages for the kids... :-)

Courtney wore this funky green ensemble from Grandma, who's visiting from Arizona with Grandpa, too!

I've been pulling out a lot of the kids' baby things and putting them for sale on craigslist. I had Courtney's crib bedding laid out on the bed for a photo, and Courtney came in and decided she needed to snuggle in it one last time.

Courtney's becoming such a big girl, she decided she wanted to go for a spin on Carter's big boy bike. Guess we need to get her a big girl bike now!!

Daddy and the kids went on a picnic at the park with Grandma & Grandpa, while I stayed home and did more cleaning & purging & craigslisting. Carter found a good climbing tree at the park!

And finally, the most exciting thing this week happened just tonight - Carter lost his first tooth!!! Sigh, my baby is getting so big. There's more photos here, but this is his new toothless grin. :-)

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