Sunday, March 21, 2010

A few more things from February...

Here's one more blog post to get us all caught up on February! It's a little stroll through the exciting things we haven't yet covered...

I shared photos from Courtney's birthday bash here. On her actual birthday, February 4th, we met Grammy for lunch & games at Chuck E. Cheese!

Courtney was soooo excited to get a Tinkerbell costume in the mail from her Aunt Lori!

(by the way, I'm a bit surprised that Blogger spellcheck knew it was Tinkerbell, not Tinkerbelle!)

Here's Carter the Thinker on a random February night.

While Daddy was in Korea I thought it would be fun to have a little pajama party! I dragged my mattress out into the living room, we got in our PJs and watched movies! The kids thought it was so much fun! Courtney was too wound up to make it through the night and ended up sleeping in her crib, but Carter and I stayed out there - I only got kicked about 30 or so times in the process... :-)

This is what our evening routine now consists of... we have dinner, and then it's bathtime. Before getting in the tub, the kids strip out of their clothes and run around the house yelling "BUNKA!!!". No idea why. And sometimes this happens at random times throughout the day as well...!

At the end of the month the kids and I met Aunt Laura and Morgan at the San Antonio Zoo - Morgan's first zoo trip! Courtney's favorite part was torturing, err I mean BRUSHING, the goats...

Carter hid behind a palm to spy on the flamingos...

And Morgan was just too cool for the zoo!

Thanks for stopping by! The next posts will be catching up on JANUARY! :-)

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