Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Antonio Zoo - again!

Daddy is out of town on business, so today I convinced Aunt Laura and Uncle Brad to join us on a little excursion down to the San Antonio Zoo!! It was fun - there were a few meltdowns along the way - by both Carter and ME (!!) - but overall the kids did GREAT, especially considering we didn't leave the park until about 3:30! We saw lots and lots of animals, had our picnic lunch and road the train at the end. Fun times!! The kids both zonked out pretty much as soon as the car started moving, and slept for a good chunk of the drive home. (they did wake a little sooner than I would have preferred!) We convinced Aunt Laura and Uncle Brad to stay for dinner and until bedtime, so they are officially Mommy's Heroes for the Day. :-) Here are some photos...

CarterCourtneyLooking at an animal. Or, anywhere BUT at the camera...!With Uncle Brad and Aunt Laura.Courtney *loved* running around the goat pen in the petting zoo.I *love* the Tiny Tot Nature Spot section for kids under 5 - a few cages with glass all the way down to the ground so the kids can easily see the animals. I wish the whole zoo was like that!! Here's Carter looking at the coati...I couldn't resist taking at least one photo of flowers!This guy was staring right at us and thinking "DINNER!".And finally, some birds for your viewing pleasure.

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