Monday, April 13, 2009

A Monday at Zilker Park

Joel's company gives employees Good Friday off from work. Joel, however, was in Idaho on a business trip on Friday, so he chose to take today (Monday) off instead. It was a beautiful, sunny day here in Austin, so we decided his day off was a good day to head down to Zilker Park! First we went to one of the picnic table areas, where we grilled some hot dogs and played for a while. Courtney was excited to get to run around with the football.Carter and Daddy played frisbee. Carter needs a little more practice with his frisbee throwing - notice where the frisbee is headed, and where Daddy is standing...After lunch we headed over to the playground area of the park. Courtney had fun exploring the playscape. The girl has no fear, I had to keep her from stepping off the edge to a few foot drop several times!She thought this part was pretty interesting (and I liked that, because there was no fear of scrapes or broken bones...)Daddy and Carter were off exploring the bigger-kid playscape.Next we went to the area with really cool xylophones to play. Courtney wasn't quite sure how it was supposed to work.No worries Courtney, Carter didn't quite get it either.Carter sitting on a dolphin.Courtney and Daddy.Courtney and Carter playing together in the sandbox.Carter concentrating on his sand project.Another fun day in Austin! When we got home, I did a little yard work - FINALLY got my tomatoes in the ground. I'm probably too late, we'll see if we get many tomatoes this year. According to the planting guide on the Travis County agricultural extension office website, I have until the 15th to get them in. So, just under the wire with two days to spare... we'll see! :-) Thanks for stopping by today!

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