Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggs & Bunnies

This morning was the annual egg "hunt" in our neighborhood. I say "hunt", because at this age it's just a bunch of eggs in a field, and a free-for-all for the kids to pick them up and put them in their baskets.Carter getting ready to collect eggs.Courtney had a lot of fun picking up eggs.I love her sweet Easter dress this year!She was off and running - most of the time away from the eggs, and kept having to get re-directed!The kids also got to meet the Easter Bunny!! Courtney loves bunnies, so this was very exciting. And Carter actually posed with him, an improvement over last year. Notice there's a real bunny in the Easter Bunny's lap, too! Courtney was pretty preoccupied by it!There was also a little petting zoo set up for the kids.Once we were back home, Carter decorated some eggs! In this photo he's waiting for the little color tablet to dissolve.Carter was so careful picking the eggs up out of the color and putting them in the carton.He was very proud of his finished eggs!Have a wonderful Easter weekend, I'll be back tomorrow with more photos!

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