Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning

Carter did his usual EARLY morning wake-up on Easter. He typically walks out into the livingroom in the morning, sits in a chair and starts calling for me or Daddy. Easter was no different. I went out there and we laid down together on the couch for a while. It wasn't until MUCH later that he realized that there were some goodies for him and Courtney sitting on the table! I had also hung a "Happy Easter" banner up across the window, next to the table. Carter said "What's that snake with letters on it?". Silly boy. So here's Carter with his goodies - he was very happy about the candy.Courtney was most interested in the grass.Eventually Courtney realized there was a new stuffed bunny in her basket. She loves stuffed animals, and especially bunnies! Here she is with her brown bunny she always sleeps with, as well as her new pink bunny and a tiny white bunny that was inside the egg in her basket. Carter and Daddy put together a little puzzle the Easter Bunny left in Carter's basket.I didn't think to take any photos (darn it!) but later in the day we had dinner with Aunt Laura, Uncle Brad, Uncle Jon and the other "uncles" Scott and Joe. Carter ate his hard boiled eggs he had colored the day before for both breakfast and dinner! He now loves them - we'll see if he loves boiled eggs in the future when they haven't been dyed! Overall we had a nice Easter - I hope you did too!

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