Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trip to the Library and Pet Store

It's another cold and gray day in Austin - so this morning we did a couple of my favorite *free* indoor outings with the kids. First was a trip to the library - we love the new Bee Cave Library down in the Galleria mall at 620 & 71. They have a nice little kids' corner with tables, stuffed animals ("babies" as Courtney calls them!), puzzles, and of course books. I read a couple books to Carter, Daddy and Courtney worked on a puzzle, and then Carter discovered that they also have dvds you can borrow! He found two Thomas dvds and is so excited to watch them after his nap. So much for him being excited about the books! We also stopped by Petsmart - a *great* free outing for little animal lovers! There's always fish, cats, dogs (being groomed, on leashes with shoppers, etc), mice, lizards and birds. Today they had puppies, which was even more of a treat! I believe the cats and dogs there are always from the shelter who need adoption. I took a couple photos before being told photos aren't allowed (oops!). I didn't get to take one of Courtney looking at the birds, those seem to be her favorite, although she gets excited about all of the animals. Or "babies" as she calls them! :-) Here's some photos...

Carter perusing the books at the library...Courtney working on a puzzle, holding onto a baby...Carter found a book to look at. Of course it's one he has at home...Family shot in front of the fountain outside of the library...Carter checking out the puppies at Petsmart...Courtney says "Daddy can we get a kitty? Pleeeeease?" (or was that Mommy?)Petting The World's Sweetest Puppy. *sigh* While we were petting him, Carter put his head down next to him and said "I love this puppy!". It was soooo sweet! We did see this puppy leave with a nice family, yay!

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Jenn Bennett said...

How did you leave the sweet little puppy at the store? I would have tried to bring them all home!