Monday, March 16, 2009

Meeting Tyler Florence!

I don't know how many of you watch The Food Network, but one of my favorite chefs on there has always been Tyler Florence. His shows are Food 911, How to Boil Water, Tyler's Ultimate... anyway, he's just launched a new line of baby food (Courtney says you're about six months too late, Tyler!) and he has a new cookbook, so he's doing the book signing tour, trying to promote the baby food. This morning he was at Central Market, my favorite grocery store in Austin. It's completely random that I even found out about it - I hadn't been to Central Market in about a zillion years, but last Thursday went there in search of some lamb and a special spice I needed for some kofta kebabs I planned to make. While I was there I saw the signs promoting the event. Typically I'd have Carter with me on a Monday, and don't know if I'd brave it with the two of them - but it so happened that Carter was spending this morning playing at Rachel's house! Yay! All I had to do was cross my fingers that Courtney would cooperate! Well, she did great - and as it turned out, most of the people there were moms and babies (duh, he is promoting BABY FOOD afterall!) so it was just perfectly fine to bring her. So we got to listen to Tyler talk for a bit, he answered questions, and he seemed just as nice as he does on TV! When it was our turn for the book signing, he shook my hand and I said hello and that was about it because I completely clam up when I'm around celebrities! (LOL - that made it sound like I'm around celebrities all the time!) Somebody snapped a photo for us - of course it turned out slightly blurry - but you can tell that it's me, Courtney and Tyler Florence, so that's cool. :-) His cookbook looks awesome, btw - can't wait to try some of the recipes!!

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