Monday, March 23, 2009

Then & Now

Our sweet friend Rachel came over to play with Carter this morning. After lunch the kids decided they wanted to play outside for a bit, until it was time for Rachel to go home. As Carter and Rachel sat together on the slide, it brought back memories of them playing together when I first brought home the slide, nearly two years ago. They were so little then, and could barely climb up the steps on their own. Now they can pretty much get up onto the platform in one step. It made me nostalgic, so I decided to snap a couple photos and post a "then and now" on the blog. So here's today - they are 3 years old and a few months.Rachel said "let's take a shoe-off photo" before I snapped this one. Why, I couldn't tell you - but it made me laugh. :-) By the way, doesn't this look like a fall photo?? One thing that I still think is goofy, even after living here in Austin for nearly 14 years - our trees lose their leaves in the spring not the fall!? What's up with that?And now for the nostalgia - here are some photos from back in April 2007. Carter and Rachel would have been ~16 months in these photos, so a couple months older than Courtney is now. And I am also feeling the need to tell you - this slide is my greatest garage sale find of all time! I picked it up for only five bucks!! Woohoo! :-)Thanks for visiting us today!

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Laura E. said...

Wow! I never knew this was a garage sale purpose. It looked new when you got it! That was a great deal for sure!