Monday, March 9, 2009

Playing with Rachel

Do you remember our friend Rachel? She used to stay with us a few days a week when Carter and Rachel were babies. Rachel is only one day older than Carter, and they used to always get mistaken for twins when I'd take them on outings. Well, now Carter and Rachel have gone their "separate ways" - different preschools, not nearly as much time together... *sniff* But we try to get together for playdates on Fridays with Rachel and a couple other friends and mommies. And Rachel's mommy, Cindy, and I have been trying to do Monday morning exchanges, where the mommies get a little break! Today Rachel spent the morning with us, and next week Carter will be at Rachel's house. Here are some photos from our morning with Rachel today...

Rachel always loves to color pictures when she comes to our house. In fact, Rachel always requests we do all the same things as the first time she came on a Monday - right down to the exact same lunch. It's too funny! She's a girl who knows what she wants, I guess! :-)Carter posing for the camera.Rachel is so cute - she was sure to tell me that she needed to color one picture for Mommy, and one for Daddy - and I had to hang them on my refrigerator until Mommy picked her up. :-)Courtney also got in on the "coloring" today!Back in the playroom - this was the reaction when I said "ok, look at me and say cheese!" - Rachel looked at the wall, Carter looked out the window, but they both did say cheese!Best friends having one big bear hug before our playdate ended. :-)

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