Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Trip to the Austin Zoo

This morning's playdate was at one of our favorite places, the Austin Zoo. We almost didn't go - it was gray and rainy at about the time we had planned to leave the house. But we decided to go for it anyway, and we're glad we did - it turned out to be a beautiful day!! (if not a little TOO hot!) Carter had fun with his friends Rachel, Derek and Natalie! Here are some photos...

Carter feeding the goats in the petting zoo area:
They fed the deer too.Carter took his job of rationing out the animal food very seriously. Maybe a little TOO seriously, we had to keep reminding him to share... :-)Courtney wanted in on the action!Carter and Rachel...My little sweetpea...Our friends Ms. Anne and Natalie - sweet baby Jack is in the stroller.Our friends Ms. Cindy, Derek & Rachel.This is truly how close you get to the tigers at this zoo - pretty crazy if you think about it!! Hopefully those cages are STURDY!

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