Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Playroom

Today's post may not be interesting to all, but I thought at least the grandparents would enjoy seeing the kids' new playroom. I've been meaning to post this for about a month now and am finally getting around to it. First of all, remember how our diningroom used to look:Now it looks like this!We had painted the walls when we had the house for sale - we painted nearly all the walls back to a neutral color. Once we took the house back off the market, I decided I needed a place for the gazillion toys we have, rather than them constantly being all over the livingroom. I considered turning the breakfast nook back into a playroom, but I rather like the convenience of having our meals there now, plus the amount of toys Carter has, plus the influx for Courtney - that space just wasn't big enough anymore! So, bye bye diningroom! Here are some more details... I still had the paper chain Carter and I made for the Christmas tree, and thought it would be a fun decoration hanging in the window.Some of Carter's art from school hangs on the back wall - eventually we'll have to add some of Courtney's too!These bookshelves used to be in my stamp room, back when I had an entire stamp room! I didn't need them in there for Courtney, so they came in handy for storing the toys in the playroom.And in case you think it always looks so neat and clean, think again! This is how it usually looks. Carter's favorite game it "dump out each and every toy I have, but don't PLAY with a single one - just to aggravate Mommy!" :-) Here he is after dumping out a tub - which he decided made a fine hat. He's into dress-up lately - note he's also wearing a pair of Daddy's socks. :-)Now you just have to come and see the room in person. :-) Thanks for stopping by today!

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Lucy Wilson said...

what an awesome playroom!!! love the "real" pics of it too!