Tuesday, May 25, 2010

California Day 5 - Adventure City

Today's California adventure took us to Adventure City in Anaheim - a little amusement park geared specifically toward munchkins like Carter & Courtney. And of course, they loved it! We knew it would be fun when as soon as we walked in we saw their favorite steam engine...

They both loved the carousel at Disney and were happy to have the chance to ride another one. Again. And again...!

By the way, that face Courtney is making - that is her "smile" that she does for the camera now. She does it for pretty much every photo she poses for. It cracks me up! I suppose it's inspired by Carter's sloth smile...

Here's the kids on another favorite ride - the airplanes!

This cute one of Carter was taken during a very silly magic show they had at the park - Mommy & Daddy thought it was pretty bad, but it completely cracked Carter up! Guess that was the point.

Here's Daddy & Courtney riding the train...

And Carter on another train - this one was propelled by pedaling with his hands! Fun!

There was a petting zoo with a bunch of goats to feed - both kids loved it.

And Carter's favorite ride of the day - the school bus. Courtney didn't love this one, and it made Mommy feel kinda nauseous, so we hit the carousel several more times while Carter and Daddy had fun on this one!

After our Adventure City adventure, we went back down to Long Beach for dinner with Grandma & Grandpa - we ate at a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed the view of the boats along the pier.

And one last photo of my sweet little bug...

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Laura E. said...

It can't be good that there was an outfit change for Miss Courtney in the middle of the day, but both outfits are absolutely adorable! I'm glad they are having a fun trip! Such cuties!!