Saturday, May 22, 2010

California Day 2 - Science, Roses and THE OCEAN!!

On our second morning in California we headed up to LA to the California Science Center. We were shocked to see the parking lot already PACKED as the museum was opening. And ginormous crowds of school groups trying to enter the museum. Guess what! We decided to visit the California Science Center on the day it was hosting the California State Science Fair! Fun times!!

Thankfully, though, the students who were there for the science fair cared very little about the Discovery Zones set up for preschoolers. We had the run of the place! Here's Carter and Courtney "building" a house in one of them!

Courtney assembling a train in a toddler play zone.




The museum was really fun (and free!), but we only saw a fraction of it! They have a new "Ecosystems" exhibit that we didn't even enter. The kids were exhausted and hungry so we hit the cafe for lunch. Then we wandered out into the GORGEOUS rose garden in Exposition Park.

Here's more photos:

After our science-filled morning, we took a drive out along the coast, hoping the kids would fall asleep in the car. They didn't. But we made our way up to Malibu and pulled over by the road for our first ocean views!

Much to our delight, we spied a school of dolphins a little ways out traveling parallel to the shore. I was able to catch one semi-decent photo.

And finally, dinner with Grandma and Grandpa back at their RV park. They live in Arizona, but they drove over to California to see us! They were staying down in Long Beach. The kids were thrilled to see them!

Stay tuned for Day 3 activities! Hint: They involve a MOUSE! :-)

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