Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Day 3 - DISNEYLAND!!

Finally the day we had been waiting for - the main purpose of our trip to California - DISNEYLAND!! We had hoped to go the day before but the weather was rotten in the morning, so we held out - so glad we did because we had a PERFECT Disney day! Here's what you see as you enter...

Mickey and Walt.

The kids with Daddy in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

The kids picked the carousel as their first ride at Disney. I was standing with Courtney as she rode the horse and exclaimed "This is AMAZING!!". Here's Carter on his horse:

Waiting in line to ride the Dumbos.

A family photo in a teacup!

Both kids loved riding the teacups!

Next the big event of the day - MEETING MICKEY!!!

And MINNIE!!! I didn't know how the kids would react to meeting the characters, but they loved it. Especially Courtney, she was absolutely enamored with Minnie. She declared "I'm Minnie's very best friend!". By the way, she refers to Mickey as "the other Minnie Mouse". HA!

Minnie and Mickey's "houses" were very cute - set up as if they really lived there. The kids could wander around and touch everything - sit on the furniture, etc. They LOVED Minnie's kitchen, especially watching this silly cake "bake" in the oven. It would inflate into a full cake.

This is in Mickey's house, he has a "movie studio" in his barn. Here's Courtney sitting with some of the props from his movies.

Carter went on his very first rollercoaster at Disney, too. That's him and Daddy sitting in the last car.

We had a very long, tiring day at Disneyland! The kids loved it. Courtney loved meeting Minnie, riding the carousel, Dumbo & teacups. They both were in awe of "It's a Small World". I was really surprised by Carter, he LOVED all the "dark" rides, where you ride cars through the buildings and things popped out at him. His favorite was the Alice in Wonderland ride, we went on that twice. It completely scared Courtney! (she only went on it once...) But all in all, a very fun day!! I was as excited as the kids - my first visit, too!


Mariam Kobras said...

Wonderful pics, Libby, and a very lovely family that adorns Disneyland in every way. :)

Bunny said...

I WANNA GO. Wow, Mickey & Minnie are BIG - I would hire little people & make them more kid-sized. Maybe if I pretend to be dying I can get the Make A Wish people to send me. :)

Tiffany said...

Love all the fun pics - hoping your next visit will be MUCH warmer though!! Still glad you had tons of fun!

Heather Maria said...

Looks like you all had a brilliant time. Love, love, love Disneyland - your photos make me want to go back again!