Monday, May 24, 2010

California Day 4 - LA Zoo & Manhattan Beach

Here's where we went on our fourth day in California:

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for our walk around the very hilly and hot zoo. And by George, I got them to smile for this photo! It was a zoo miracle!

The zoo was quite nice, it had a lot of harder to find animals (ie not in San Antonio!) - like koalas!! There were several, but I loved how this little guy was lounging.

And Carter's favorite - zebras!! (they technically have zebras at the San Antonio Zoo, or at least ONE zebra - but the last few times we've gone we haven't been able to see him!)

We were quite impressed by the size of the antlers on this Nubian ibex. Amazing he doesn't have a constant headache!

And we wondered if these genenuks might be part giraffe, their necks were LONG!

Speaking of giraffes - these guys were right at the edge of their enclosure so we got to see them close-up! So cool!

We loved how lush and green it was at the zoo - so different than our part of Texas!

After the zoo and a failed attempt to get kids to nap back in the hotel room, we decided to head to the beach for some actual playing in the sand and surf! We chose Manhattan Beach, mostly because we found a parking place there...

The kids LOVED playing in the sand!

There were several surfers riding the waves while we were there.

The kids loved playing in the waves with Grandma and Grandpa!

What's that? ANOTHER photo of them smiling?? There must be something in the California air...

Another fun day in California!

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