Thursday, January 14, 2010

McKenna Children's Museum

Today we went on a little outing down to New Braunfels, Texas to McKenna Children's Museum! We really enjoyed it - definitely worth the drive. It was especially great for preschoolers & toddlers - more so than the one in Austin. Here are some photos:

One of the kids' favorite things was the ambulance with working lights. Here are Carter and Courtney with Grammy - we love that Grammy gets to hang out with us on Thursdays!Courtney loved playing "patient". (or maybe she just needed a nap...)Once she got her second wind, Courtney cooked up a storm in the kitchen...While Carter worked on putting "siding" on the house...And putting "wallpaper" on the inside. Carter really loved this fun little house.Carter did a little grocery shopping.Hey, that cashier looks just like Grammy!There was a face-painting station, and Courtney was so excited - but then smeared the designs as soon as I finished. :-)Speaking of painting, my little Picassos created some masterpieces in the art room.Right outside the museum was a really cool water race - it was a fairly cold, gray day for it, but the kids loved it anyway.Thanks for stopping by!

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