Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun times with Natalie & Jack!

We had the pleasure of having a visit from our friends Natalie and Jack today while their mommy went to an appointment. Carter and Natalie had tons of fun playing with Legos and a Curious George game, and generally giggling and being silly. Jack was a little exasperated that he didn't get to play with the big kids in Carter's bedroom. And Courtney napped during most of it. :-) But here they all are at lunch...

Sweet Natalie:Adorable Jack:My Courtney bug, who was THRILLED that I asked her to give up her booster seat for Jack and sit in a big-girl chair:And Carter, cooperating for the photo, as usual...We hope Jack and Natalie will be back to play with us real soon!

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leslie said...

What cuties! ALL of them! Tell Carter I like the back of his head. No, wait, don't tell him that or you will never take another picture of his face. Never mind.