Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Dreaded Four Year Well-check

Carter turned four at the end of last month, so today he had to visit the doctor for his yearly exam. And this one was a doozie!! Two shots in each leg, PLUS bloodwork! I was not expecting the bloodwork!! Carter brought Kitty (his favorite stuffed friend) so that she could see the doctor too. I think this was the smartest move I've ever made as a parent - HA HA! It helped so much! And the nurse and doctor were so great about playing along. We got to weigh Kitty on the scale (she's 3.5 ounces, if you're curious!) and she had her ears checked and got a shot!! Kitty was brave for her shot. Carter, well - not so much. My poor sweetie. But, we got thru it. We went for ice cream after, and all was good in Carter's world once more.

Oh and fyi, Carter's stats were ~
Weight: 38.5 lbs (70th percentile)
Height: 41.5 inches (75th percentile)
BMI: 15.7 (55th percentile)

Here's Kitty getting her hearing checked:After the drawing of blood was finally over (UGH! I almost cried during this, it was awful!) I told Carter we could go for ice cream now, and he said "But *sob* I *sob* don't think *sob* I can go *sob* for iiiiiiiice cream!!" The poor kid was too upset for ice cream!! He didn't want his pants or his coat on, he thought they would hurt his shots too much. So despite our 30 degree weather today, I carried him to the car in just his shirt and undies, and convinced him it would be ok to drive thru "Old McDonald's" for the ice cream, and then eat it in the car. "Oh *sob* kay" So that's what we did!He was back to himself in no time. Aaaaah the healing powers of ice cream!

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mudmaven said...

Such bravery! Our twins will be 4 on the 31st - not looking forward to this at all! ~chris