Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Extreme Fun!

One thing the kids love to do is visit places with inflatable bouncy things! I've decided my favorite one around here is Extreme Fun - it has lots of bouncies, and none have age restrictions so Carter & Courtney can play together on everything - and best of all, the bouncies are all in one long row - easier to keep track of both kids that way, compared to the ones where they are arranged in a loop. Tuesdays and Thursdays are cheaper at Extreme Fun, so we like to focus our visits to those day. :-) (which is convenient since those are the days the kids don't have school!) They have tables you can use too, so we pack a lunch and hang out there until Courtney's naptime. Here are some photos...

Courtney couldn't decide which bouncy to play on first!Carter loves this big slide, so much fun to climb up and then go down FAST!Love this action shot of my little diaper butt. :-)And if you're wondering, the answer is YES - Courtney would wear her 80's sweater every single day if I let her, she LOVES IT! :-) Thanks for stopping by today!

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