Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Diego Vacation, Day 7 - Balboa Park and Mission Bay

And here it is, our final day in San Diego! *sniff* After this it was back to reality...! We decided to spend the morning of our last full day in California at Balboa Park, letting the kids run around the rose gardens, fountains and beautiful buildings. There are about a zillion museums located in Balboa Park - most built around 1915 for the Panama-California Exposition. The architecture is really pretty, like on this one:Courtney really enjoyed watching the fountains.Inside the Botanical Gardens (one of the FREE things there), Mommy enjoyed lots and lots of gorgeous orchids!We stopped for a little group photo (minus Daddy!).There was also a beautiful rose garden that Mommy loved!Carter found some wildlife to torment...After our morning at Balboa Park, lunch at McDonalds and naps back in the hotel room, we went for one last visit to the beach. This time it was on Mission Bay, where the water was calm, shallow and perfect for little people to splash in. Courtney hadn't been thrilled with the water on the open ocean, the waves were a little too scary, plus Mommy wouldn't let go of her hand, even in the shallowest water on the shore, for fear of her being sucked out to sea by the undercurrent! But in the bay, Courtney went running right into the water! She LOVED it!Carter loved sitting in the water and digging in the mud with his shovel.I think Courtney is ready for swim lessons!Carter and Daddy even built their own sandcastle!As I'm sure you can tell, we had a wonderful vacation!! Thanks for stopping by to read about it. :-)

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