Sunday, May 10, 2009

San Diego Vacation, Day 3 - Legoland!!

Our third day of vacation was a super duper fun one!! We went to Legoland!!! I had been to the one in Denmark almost twenty years ago (WOW - how can it have been that long ago??) and *loved* it - the one in California was even better!! (Well, I suppose chances are the one in Denmark has gotten bigger in the past twenty years as well...!)

First of all, the models in Miniland USA were absolutely amazing... millions of LEGO bricks recreating different parts of the country...

New York CityWashington, D.C.The Capitol was set up for Obama's inauguration. (Yes, I checked - the President in this scene was most definitely Obama!) :-)There were also models of New Orleans, the Vegas strip, a race at Daytona, different sites in California... and also various structures around the world (the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, etc - just amazing!)

Legoland was a *great* park for somebody Carter's age, he had so much fun riding the rides and doing new and exciting things!! He especially loved this pirate boat ride, where he and Daddy got to shoot water at other boats!The airplanes and helicopters were tons of fun too!!It wasn't quite as great for Courtney - most of the rides had a height requirement that she didn't meet, so she spent a lot of her day watching Big Brother have all the fun. Let me tell you, she did NOT like it!! She wanted to be riding those rides too!We did find a car that Courtney could climb on - even though it didn't actually go anywhere, this made her extremely happy after having to sit around watching Brother have all the fun!Finally we found "Explore Village" - an area dedicated to the smaller guests. Courtney got to ride on a train!!Carter had lots of fun playing putt-putt golf for the first time - here he's celebrating his HOLE IN ONE on the final hole with Daddy (I couldn't believe it!).There was a super cool playscape in one area that Courtney and Carter both had a blast on - Courtney surprised us by climbing up an entire rope ladder all by herself! Carter wouldn't even try things like that at this age, but Courtney wants to do everything Big Brother is doing and will follow him anywhere!The tunnel was fun too!And look who Carter found!! His favorite stream train, Thomas!Even though we didn't hardly see but a fraction of this park, the kids had a ton of fun and were completely pooped by the time we left. From Legoland, we left Carlsbad and headed to downtown San Diego, where we spent the rest of our trip, which you'll hear more about soon... :-)

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