Sunday, May 24, 2009

Playdate at the Pool

Our Memorial Day weekend started out fun with a playdate at the neighborhood pool! We met our friends Rachel and Derek, Natalie and baby Jack, and Alexandra for a wet and wild time, followed by a picnic on the lawn. Good times!

Here's Carter in our super cool neighborhood pool! Carter and Courtney both love the sprinklers along the edge, and how they can walk right into the water as it gradually gets deeper. The buckets up on the tall white pole dump out water when they are full, and the big fountain to the right is lots of fun too!Carter and Courtney splashing in the sprinklers!Friends Natalie and Alexandra - it was hard to get good photos, everyone was just in constant motion!There's also a kiddie pool, which is 1 foot deep all around, and has a sun canopy over the top. Everyone loved playing in this pool too - here's Courtney checking it out.Carter and Rachel had sooooo much fun riding on the noodles!! I think the little girl behind Rachel had a little less fun... oops! :-)We told Carter & Rachel to pose for the camera, this is about as good as it gets...Here they are having a noodle war on the pool's edge...Derek studying the design of the noodle. Look at the concentration... my prediction is he ends up an engineer, just like Mommy & Daddy...This is either Courtney and Derek trying to climb out of the kiddie pool, or Courtney licking the cement, also a strong possibility!There's a fun fountain in the center of the kiddie pool - here's Alexandra checking it out.Courtney's first attempt at sunning herself on a lounge chair. Just a wee bit awkward! :-) "But Mommy, I can fall through these slats!!"Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend!!

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