Saturday, February 28, 2009

The San Antonio Zoo!

Last weekend we went on a little day trip down to the San Antonio Zoo. From our house to the zoo is about an hour and a half drive, very easily done in a day. The kids had a great time looking at the animals - Carter especially, of course. We love the zoo, and bought a membership while we were there! So you'll probably (hopefully!) see photos from the San Antonio Zoo a few more times this year! :-) Here's a sampling of what we saw last weekend...

When you first enter the zoo there are some lion statues, which Carter had fun climbing on. We had just recently watched The Lion King for the first time, so Carter was very much into lions (and hyenas!) during this visit. As a matter of fact, Carter was not happy with me when we got home from the zoo and were reviewing the photos, and he realized Mommy had not taken *any* photos of the lions or hyenas! Of course, the reason was that Mommy was *holding* Carter while we looked at those animals, and can only do so many things at once...! :-) And a funny story - when we were looking at the lions, I asked Carter if the male lion was Simba. He said "no, he looks cross - he's Scarf!" Yes, he calls him Scarf, not Scar! Too cute!Checking out the flamingos.Carter loved brushing the goats in the petting zoo.Courtney thought touching the goats was hilarious!Family portrait at the zoo.Navigating the lily pads in an inch or so deep "stream".Courtney having fun in the Tiny Tot Spot at the zoo.What's a trip to the zoo on a gorgeous, sunny day without some ice cream?Mommy and her monkey in front of the monkeys.

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