Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day with Adrian!

Yesterday was President's Day, and our friend Adrian's daycare was closed for the holiday. Lucky us, that meant an opportunity for him to spend the day with Carter!! The boys had a lot of fun playing, running around, jumping up and down, tackling each other and basically being boys. *whew* I don't know how people handle having more than one little boy in the house! LOL. The good news is that all of the activity in the morning led to good, long naps in the afternoon. :-) Here are some photos from our day together...

The boys did a fairly good job playing together and sharing toys.Painting with watercolors entertained them for a few minutes... :-)Right before lunch the boys got EXTREMELY hyper, so I quieted them down a bit with some Thomas while I made lunch. By the time lunch was ready, they were clearly hungry - they voluntarily turned off Thomas and headed to the table!Much to Mommy's dismay, this was something new and fun for Carter, and maybe for Adrian too - the boys decided to eat like Cookie Monster! They were taking their veggie chips, yelling "Coooookie!" and shoving them into their mouths the way Cookie Monster does! *sigh* I'm not sure who instigated it, but judging from the photo - Carter doing it and Adrian looking on, I'm guessing it was Carter! So - sorry in advance, Diane and Donovan, if this becomes a new favorite game for Adrian at meals...!!!Courtney got a big kick out of having a friend join us for lunch.Adrian is such a sweetie, we're happy to have him visit us again anytime!

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Grammy! said...

It is so fun seeing my little cuties and Adrian, too!! It looks like Carter was having alot of fun with Adrian and he seems to be enjoying having a little sister instead of a "baby" sister. She is getting so big and doing so much. Papa and I miss you all so much.