Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend the weather was nice, so we decided spur of the moment Sunday morning to go on a little outing to the Austin Zoo. Our little zoo is nothing fancy, but it's perfect for the kids. And it's a wonderful zoo to support - most of the animals have been rescued from very bad situations. Courtney really enjoyed looking at the animals this time, which was fun! And Carter had a blast - first he wanted to see the bear, and as soon as we saw him it was on to the tigers (and we got to see two BIG tigers up on their hind legs playing and growling at each over, a very impressive sight!) and then he had to see the lions, and then the monkeys... After we had our fill of animal viewing, we had a nice lunch at a picnic table, where peacocks wandered over to say hello. Good times!

We road the train this time - which as you can imagine Carter *loved*. We had some nice Hill Country views on the little train ride, but the "scenes" they set up along the route were fairly cheesey (but very exciting to a 3 yr old!). The little engine on the train was just too cute!Courtney was soooo excited to be riding on the train!Feeding the goats in the petting zoo section - this was Courtney's favorite part, she could see the animals the best here (goats, llamas, sheep, deer). Carter wasn't super thrilled about having his hand licked.This female lion was so cool - she was running all around her enclosure chasing a ball - such a good kitty! :-) Here she's taking a break, still hugging her ball.


Grammy Harmon said...

Yes, that little zoo is very nice, Papa and I had alot of fun with Carter when we visited it last year. Courtney's big smile looks like she is growling....too funny and very cute!

jenA said...

Miss Courtney -- baby girl, don't you have teeth yet?! :) so adorable!!!!