Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mmm Ice Cream!

Carter turned three at the end of December, so once we returned from spending the holidays in Michigan, it was time for his three year well-check with the pediatrician. Carter was such a brave big boy at the doctor's office, and since it was such a beautiful, sunny afternoon (in January! Gotta love Austin!) I decided a trip to Amy's in the Arboretum was in order. Carter had his first-ever ice cream in a CONE (because he's three now, and when you're three you get a cone, according to him!) and afterward I let him run off some of the sugar high around the cow statues. Oh and by the way, stats from the 3yr well-check - he weighed in at 34.5lbs, and was 38.5 inches tall - putting him in the 75th percentile for both. Here's some photos...

Mmm, ice cream!A goofy smile"He gets ice cream and I just get this lousy teething biscuit - it's an injustice, I tell you!"Climbing on the cowsCourtney looks like she's up to something!Climbing on the tables

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