Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week in Review - February 27, 2011

Daddy was in Atlanta this week, which is always a bit tiring for Mommy. We had a not-so-popular appointment to take care of, but we tried to have some fun too! Here's the rundown:

During Courtney's ballet class on Tuesday, Carter and I looked for a nearby geocache that he & Daddy hadn't been able to find. We found it, yay!

The not-so-popular appointment was a trip to the dentist. Carter did mostly ok, although he really hates the taste of toothpaste and was very dramatic about it. Just like he's quite dramatic about it every time we brush at home, too! (and yes, we've tried lots of different flavors, even chocolate!)

Courtney wanted nothing to do with having anyone look in her mouth. They tried warming her up to the idea by letting her brush this guy's teeth...

Carter even sat in the chair with her for a bit. There's a video screen above them, so here they are in zombie-mode staring at. None of this helped, though. It was not a good dentist visit for Courtney!

One of the FUN things we did this week was visit a new-t0-us bouncy place! This one was FUN! They had the standard bouncy things to play on...

And they also had little themed-rooms set up: a vet clinic, a diner, a grocery store... and an entire room for playing dress-up!! Courtney was in heaven.

Back at home, the kids put on a "dance concert". Courtney danced at the ball with her Bunny. See the audience they set up? And the pile of clothes for "costume changes"?

And my sweet little musician at one end, playing the keyboard for his sister to dance to. :-) (Please ignore the shoe chaos. Geesh!)

Courtney had funny bath hair one night. Love the face she made for the photo, hee hee!

Carter loves playing with Daddy's iPad!

And finally, one night Uncle Jon came over for dinner and Courtney helped me cook! She chopped the ends off of this entire bin of strawberries using the kid safety knife. She is such a big girl!!! And she was sooooo proud of her strawberries!

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