Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Courtney's 3rd Birthday!

Courtney turned three last Friday, and on Saturday we celebrated with a princess party! Here's some photos...

Aunt Laura and I turned our livingroom into a "princess ballroom" with streamers (aka tablecover) and pompoms made from tissue paper. Laura did all the hanging from way up on the ladder, she's my hero! :-) I also made felt crowns for all the kids as party favors, you can see them up above the fireplace. I was able to borrow all the princess tables, yay!

Here's Carter wearing his crown, earlier in the week.

Courtney had so much fun with her princess friends!

This is her sweet friend Fia eating her lunch. I cut out the sandwiches with a glass slipper cookie cutter, and the cheese with a crown.

Carter with his good friend Aaron.

Cake time! See how Courtney looks a bit shocked and sad in this photo? Her friend - the smiling one - had just blown out the candles for her. LOL!

We relit the candles and Courtney tried again...

Courtney enjoying her cake.

And everyone else...

Present time!

Carter helped read the cards...

Courtney loved her party! Did you notice how many times she changed princess dresses throughout the party?? :-) And she got a new Cinderella dress from Grammy which she has hardly taken off since Saturday! All afternoon, after the kids had gone home, Courtney kept saying to me "Mommy I am so happy right now!". Yay! Makes it all worth it. :-)

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