Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Today was another scorcher here in Austin, with temps up around 105F! UGH! Those of you in the north complaining about the rain, can you pleeeeeease send some of it our way? Well on this hot hot day, we still did our Wednesday morning routine of visiting the Bee Cave Public Library. But instead of heading straight home with our books, I threw some bathingsuits in the car and the kids had a ton of fun splashing around in the little sprinkler park across from the library! (Note to Austin moms: another fun, FREE outing idea!!) Here's some photos...Courtney just after getting a face-full of water - love this one!Carter sat on one of the sprinklers, trying to hold back the water.Brother and sister working together to steal other kids' toys... note to self, next time pack our own toys...This view shows the sprinkler park with the library in the background. There's a small road that runs in between.Cute moment as we were getting shoes on to walk back to the car. Fun morning!

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Bonnie said...

cool! Is it in the Hill Country Galleria?