Thursday, April 29, 2010

A to Z at the Park

Here's a creative & educational activity from last month! My friend Lisa had shared this link, which mentions going on an A to Z walk. I thought it was a GREAT idea for fun, free kid entertainment! So we grabbed the camera, a notebook to keep track of our letters, and headed to the park. Carter REALLY got into it, he thought it was tons of fun. Here's what we came up with...

A is for Air.

B is for going Barefoot.

C is for Carter next to a Cactus.

D is for dandelion.

E is for ESCAPEE!

F is for Frog.

G is for Grill.

H is for Hill.

I is for the Interesting part of the park.

J is for Jump!!

K is for Kid.

L is for Leaf.

M is for Mud.

N is for Numbers.

O is for Orange shirt.

P is for Pelican.

Q is for the Quiet part of the park.

R is for Rock.

S is for Swing.

T is for T-rex.

U is for Up a tree.

V is for Very hard. ("but not for me!")

W is for Wrong Way up the slide.

X is for X. hee hee

Y is for it's good to be Young.

and Z is for Zooming down the slide!

Yes some were a bit of a stretch, but we did our best. Fun day at the park!!


Sarah said...

LOVE this! What a fabulous idea! I should do this for my twins who I'm trying to get to learn their alphabet!

one sydney road said...

So glad you are joining the alphabet walk blog hop!! How cool that you did the whole thing - isn't it fun!! Love the pelican for P!