Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mmm donuts!!

Last night before bed, Carter asked if we could go for donuts in the morning. We've had a pretty rough week around here - I mentioned Carter's strep throat in the last blog post - well just as he was getting better Courtney developed an ear infection! They did a strep culture on her too, thankfully it was negative. So... we went for donuts this morning, to celebrate making it through our rough week and everyone being back to good health, and to make our weekend with Daddy gone to Korea a little more fun. Needless to say they LOVED the donuts! Carter ate two whole donuts, and Courtney ate one. "Whole" is the key word here - usually they just want to lick off the icing, so this was a big improvement! And since Courtney just had her birthday party last weekend, she still has cupcakes on the brain - she kept calling her donut a cupcake and even started singing Happy Birthday to Courtney. Too cute! Here are some photos:

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