Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day Out with Thomas!!

So you all know that Carter is a little Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic, right? Well today we did something very exciting - we drove up to Burnet, TX for a DAY OUT WITH THOMAS!!! The weather did not cooperate, it was fairly miserable - cold and rainy - but that didn't spoil the fun! And as long as nobody ends up with pneumonia (!!) it was all worth it. :-) Here's the photos...

First stop was waiting in line in the meet Sir Topham Hat!Next we headed down to Imagination Station - a tent filled with fun activities for the kids. Once Carter saw this great big train table, there was no getting him to move for a while!But Courtney tried some of the other activities, including coloring......and the Lego table!Finally it was time to ride the train!! Courtney saw Thomas coming down the line...Here he comes!Carter had his ticket ready to he could board the train!Carter was so excited to be riding on Thomas' passenger coach! He did, however, point out that the coaches didn't really look like Annie or Clarabel - but, he was ok with that. :-)Carter enjoyed a snack as he rode on the train.Grandma was happy to be out of the cold and rain for a little while!!After the train ride, Carter got his photo taken with Thomas himself!And Emily...And Murdoch!There was a pen of sweet little farm animals.And a maze, although Carter was more interested in walking on the "walls".Carter watched a Thomas video for a little while - because, you know, we can't do that at home (HA!).Our last stop was listening to Cowboy Sue sing and play her guitar for a bit - Carter and Courtney both had so much fun "dancing" to the music (aka running around in circles!).When I bought the tickets, I assumed you needed them to get into all of the activities. But it turns out, they were only really needed to ride the train. But as we drove home, I asked Carter what his favorite part was, and he said "RIDING ON THOMAS!!!". So, I'm glad I bought the tickets. Fun day!! :-)

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